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Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.


The mainstream is overrated, and there are those, like us out there that don’t feel the need to be sheep and be “normal“. Normal web design and marketing agencies can’t effectively help those of us on the fringe; they may make a site for a strip club but they will never put it in a portfolio or leverage it to the clients fullest potential. We here at fringe are anything but normal. Here you will find a group of individuals with a work ethic to match the most button down suit and tie firm combined with a spirit that is as punk rock as they come.  Fringe was born when 2 like-minded web experts wanted to embrace the things we love, while we continue to support and help our 1100+ general client base, we are working hard to support the industries we love. With 20 awesome, eccentric, and talented web wonks on staff we can handle any project. Whether you run a gentleman’s club, manage adult film talent, run a dispensary, or are a band out there pounding the pavement on tour we can help.
Life on the fringe is more fun than being part of the herd, contact us to get the best services for your company or band.

 Who We Serve

Adult Entertainment

ladyThe adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with strip clubs alone bringing in 3.1 billion per year in the US alone. The question is, how do you gain an advantage over the competition ? The answer is simple. Mobile friendly websites, when you go to a new city you generally search for things with your phone, even in Las Vegas there are no truly great websites for gentleman’s clubs and due to that hundreds of thousands in business is lost, and street corner criers make up the bulk of the “marketing”. When customers can find you, easily on their phones, and can at the spur of the moment click once to pre-pay their cover and send a gps location to your drivers you will have the edge over the competition.




With True legalization on the table acrossbong the country and many states allowing medical marijuana there is a gold rush just beginning in this country and the key to making the most of it is through marketing. With thousands of small businesses popping up, standing out is the road to success. Anyone can build a website, but without industry professionals that know and love cannabis a generic website will fail to perform and they leave you as just another normal face in the crowd. At Fringe, we can change that. Normal is lame, you’re not normal…. and we’re not either.




guitarWe’ve been there, we know it’s hard on the road. We can help any band get their name out, get more gigs, and get selling your own music online. We spend more time in dive bars and hole in the wall clubs than any other web guys on the planet, why? Because it’s what we love. Whether your playing on Saturday Punk nights at the Melody Inn in Indy, the Double Down Saloon in Vegas, or The Third Street Dive in Louisville your site can be out there getting your songs into the hands of fans everywhere. Run out of merch? Send them to your site to grab a copy of your new ep!




What We Do

Web Design & Development


We have a team of very talented and creative designers and developers, using this team we can create phenomenal websites for every company we work with. Our specialty is custom responsive web sites, responsive sites ensure that the customer is presented with the same clean feel in every platform, from phones and tablets to full sized computers. With over half of all web searches coming from mobile devices being able to present a proper website to these customers you ensure that they will walk through your doors and not your competitors.


Marketing Services


With a full team of marketing professionals we can help your brand expand and reach even more people. The days of pop-up ads or keyword stuffing are over and creating good content is the key to success in online marketing. We have expert copywriters in the Sex, Cannabis, and music industries, and the knowledge to leverage this copy to the maximum effectiveness. We can consult on the best ways to invest your hard earned money be it through print ads, pay per click, youtube reviews, or physical marketing goods.

Graphic Design

shirtWe also offer complete graphic design and video services, and much more. If you need print media created, or  photos, or video shot we can help. Good looking media is an important tool to market yourselves. Making designs that can transcend the screen and come to life on your packaging, clothing, or sign is what we specialize in. Our team has the know-how and the artistic inspiration to make your branding smooth and functional regardless of the medium. If you don’t have a logo, we can help craft one that is pure YOU.



We are here to help, call or email us today to get started on your project.



Traverse City, Mi 49684


Ask us if you have any questions.

We want you to succeed, reach out to us and we are happy to talk. Advice is free, and our  goal is to create great sites not nickel and dime our clients. So what are you waiting for ? Contact us today to get started.

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